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Journal Entry: Sun May 4, 2014, 6:30 PM
If you have a question that isn't already here and isn't in the journals, feel free to send the group a note or comment below! This blog will be updated frequently depending on the questions that get directed to us.


[ 1 January 2017 ] Some F.A.Q. questions have been updated with current rules of the group, as well as some new ones that have been asked frequently in the past few months! Please be sure to re-read through anything that you may not remember.~ And of course, ask away if there’s anything you’re unsure of!


Q.]  Can I join? Why can't I join the group? When will you be opening?
A.]  Yes, you CAN join-- when the group is open for Join Requests. Our group currently opens once every season for 2-3 days. A journal and other announcements will be made when the days have been chosen. If you are interested in joining the group, you MUST read our [Welcome] Journal and follow the instructions there. Make sure to check out the front page of PKMNation for our countdown to when Join Requests are open. You can find it nestled below the Navigation Menu.

Q.]  Does the group provide a reference sheet for me to fill out for when I draw my Pokemon? Or can I make my own?
A.]  PKMNation does not provide a reference sheet for our members to use. We prefer that members use their creativity to make a reference sheet they enjoy. You are welcome to create your own or commission another member to create one for you. It is entirely your choice.

Make sure to check out our [Welcome] Journal for what is required in the artist's description for reference sheets.

Q.]  What timezone does the group run on? How do events and turn based features work for those that aren't in the same timezone and want to participate?
A.]  PKMNation runs on EST (Eastern Standard Time). Our mods have varying time zones, however. When participating in events and/or turn based features of the group, you must make sure entries/comments are posted with EST in mind. Anything posted before or after the correct time and date will not be considered.

If you are not sure what time it is for PKMNation, check out the [PKMNation Website]. To the right of the PKMNation logo is a clock that shows the time and date in EST.

Q.] It's Sunday and I don't see any of the Moderators doing any work, why is that?
A.] Sunday is a rest day for moderators, as such most activities in group will lay stagnant; unless some of us are just that bored. But fear not, come Monday we will address any submissions, posts, request, or any other group business in the order it was received from where we last left off.

Q.]  Why does the group require the use of dA points to purchase non-existent items for use in the group? Not every one can afford to buy/earn that many dA points to use or may not want to spend them, which leaves them at a disadvantage in a way. Is there an alternate way to purchase items besides just finding them on bike trails or earning them in events?
A.]  We use dA points since they are an already established currency that we do not have to keep track of constantly. It can easily be monitored using transaction logs/widgets by both members and moderators. Yes, it may seem silly to pay for something you cannot actually hold in your hands but it is best to think of it this way: the same way one would buy power ups or coins in a smartphone game-- the same applies here. You're paying for the added extra that the game has to offer.

We understand that not everyone has the points to spend. Members can earn items from the market through events, trails and Test Your Luck.

Points given to the group are used to keep the group Super and to provide point prizes to the community during certain events.

Q.]  Will my Inventory become "inactive" if I do not draw or ref my Pokemon for a long time?
A.]  No. We do not have any set deadlines for you to finish your reference sheets or draw art of your Pokemon. We want to be relaxed in this area, so if you cannot draw for a while due to whatever reason, no need to worry. However, if you feel you will be gone for a long time, we ask that you send us a note or a comment about being placed on Hiatus so that we can set your inventory as such. While your inventory is set to "Hiatus," you will not be affected by Activity Checks.

We will occasionally have Activity Checks if we feel we have a large group of inactive members. This would be to clean out those who haven't done anything in a very long time or are no longer active. Activity Checks will consist of pressing a "Check-In" button in your inventory. Remember, if your inventory is set to "Hiatus," you do not have to worry about an Activity Check and it will not apply to you.

Q.]  I want to make a side account for PKMNation. What do I need to do in order to switch accounts?
A.]  For switching accounts we require a note sent from both your old account and your new account. For example:
First Note Title (from 'old account'): Switching Accounts: 'old account' to 'new account'
Note Contents: Hi I would like to let you know I am moving from the account 'old account' to 'new account'!
Second Note Title (from 'new account'): Switching Accounts: 'old account' to 'new account'
Note Contents: Hi I would like to let you know I am moving to 'new account' from 'old account'!

We require this as a safety precaution for our members.

Once we have received both notes we will send an invite to your new account, will remove your old account from the group and will switch your inventory name on the site over to the new account name. This will make it so you can access your inventory from your new account and everything will work as before.

:note: Please try to remember not to log back into your PKMNation site account with your old dA account, as it will reset the change and your name will need to be updated once more.

Q.]  Can we Mega Evolve our Pokemon?
A.]  Yes! However, in order to be able to Mega Evolve your Pokemon, you will need a Mega Ring and a Mega Stone for the specific Pokemon you wish to Mega Evolve.

Please visit our [Mega Station] for more information!

Q.]  I want to leave the group. Is there anything I need to do before I can leave?
A.]  You are welcome to leave right when you feel like you need to! Just know that once you do leave, you will no longer be able to sell/transfer your items or Pokemon. So make sure to sell/transfer any Pokemon or Items that you don't want to keep prior to leaving.

Once you do leave, your inventory will be set to "Non-Member" and will be set back to "Active Member" if you ever chose to return. Your Pokemon and Items you did not sell before leaving will still be in your inventory if you decide to come back.

Q.] What is the group’s rating?
A.] The group operates under a middle ground/umbrella rating between PG and PG-13. The reason for this is because we are an all age friendly group, meaning that while some very mild adult language and violence (obtaining scars as an example) is accepted, not all will be.

Q.] Can we have more than one account in the group?
A.] Unfortunately not! In order to keep confusion and mistakes to a minimum, we're currently only allowing for one account per member.


Q.]  How many trainers can we have in the group? There are events where your trainer gets bonuses, so can I use multiple trainers to gain extra bonus?
A.]  Members are allowed to have as many trainers as they want. HOWEVER, you can only use ONE trainer in the group for Events.

Q.]  Can my trainer be non-human?
A.]  All trainers in the group must appear to be a human. What they are behind the scenes is not as important as what they appear to be to the public eye. They can, however, wear accessories and outfits/costumes. We do not want to see any trainers that look like a cat, dragon, anthro, etc.


Q.]  Drawing just isn't my thing. Can I write out a reference instead?
A.]  No. Your Pokémon must have a visual image reference. However, if drawing isn't your thing, you are welcome to commission/ask others to draw your Pokémon for you.

Q.]  May I show more than one Pokemon on my reference sheet?
A.]  No. Each Pokémon must have their own reference sheet and cannot share a sheet together.

Q.]  Does my reference sheet count as background levels when I draw my Pokemon onto it?
A.]  This depends on your reference sheet. If the section where you draw your Pokemon has a Background that changes to something different each time, then yes, it will count as background levels for each Pokemon drawn on the sheet. If the background does NOT change, you will NOT receive levels for the Background each time and instead will only receive levels for the first time the sheet is used. This means that only one Pokemon (the first one using the sheet), will receive levels for the reference sheet.

Q.]  Can I give my Pokemon accessories or held items?
A.]  You are more than welcome to give your Pokemon accessories and held items. Accessories must be minimal on reference sheets (no full on clothing/wigs or other body covering accessories). It is a reference after all. We need to see your Pokemon's design.
    :pointr: Reference sheets may have two versions of the same Pokémon on them: One with accessories and one without. Having the clothed one is optional, having the uncovered one is not.
    :pointr:Please note that held items and accessories do not affect any stats here and will not have any bonuses in battles/events.

Q.]  What Abilities am I allowed to teach my Crossbreed Pokemon? If I have a Fusion, can it have any ability that makes sense to its type?
A.]  Crossbreeds and Fusions can only learn the Abilities of their Species as listed on Bulbapedia. For example, if you have a Crossbreed and/or Fusion that consists of three Pokemon, you have the choice of ONE Ability between all three Pokemon's Abilities.

Q.] I want to redo my old reference sheets; is this allowed?
A.] Of course! You’re free to update any old reference sheet art (either the Pokémon on it or the blank sheet itself) at any time, just make sure to save links to old art so that you can still claim levels.


Q.]  I bought an EXP Share. If I draw another user's level 100 Pokemon, can they give the extra levels to another of their Pokemon or does it only work with my own Pokemon?
A.]  EXP Shares only work for the person that owns the EXP Share. If the user you are drawing for also has an EXP Share, then yes, they can give the extra levels to another Pokemon of theirs. If they do not have an EXP Share, the levels will be wasted.

Please note, an EXP Share expire 2 Months from date of purchase and must not be expired in order to use.

Q.]  Can I use a Form Candy to change the color of my Shiny Pokemon?
A.]  Form Candy is only used to change Pokemon that have different forms (such as Rotom, Furfrou, Castform as examples). If you would like to change your Shiny Pokémon’s colors, a Prism scale will be needed.

Alternatively, you can also change shiny colors when your Pokemon evolves, as you are not required to keep the same color palette when evolving!


Q.]  How does the sale of Pokemon/Items work in the group? What do I earn from a sale? Is there a special currency or are dA points used as well?
A.]  Selling Pokemon through clutches or from your inventory (along with personal items) is 100% ran by yourself (the member). What you decide to accept as payment is up to you. You can accept payments of dA points, group items, other Pokemon or drawn levels for your Pokemon/items. The rules of your sale are also entirely up to you. Make sure you list any rules you would like members to follow (such as deadlines for payments, etc). It is your responsibility to keep contact with your customers.

If you would like to sell Pokemon from a clutch, you would draw out the designs and submit them to the group's "Clutch Center" folder for approval. Once approved, members will be able to see your clutch and can then purchase Pokemon from you. You are then required to submit a receipt to the [Clutch Corral] so that the Pokemon goes into the buying member's inventory.

If selling Pokemon or Items from your own inventory, it is best to make a journal with all the information you have on the Pokemon (such as the ID, art links, etc) or with the items you are selling. You'll want to list what you would like in exchange for the Pokemon/Items as well. Once done supplying the proper information, submit the journal to the “Journal Sales” folder. Once approved, members will be able to view your journal and inquire about purchasing.

Q.]  Can we sell Extra Acres or transfer them to others? Can we redeem points for a Battle Pass or give it to someone else?
A.]  No, you cannot sell or transfer acres. You also cannot trade a battle pass back for points or transfer it. However, you can purchase a battle pass for someone else. You would have to state who you are purchasing it for in the comment when you purchase it.

Q.]  Are my eggs broken? I got different choices than the person who sold me my egg / I got the same choices as my old egg I sold!
A.]  No, the site is not broken. The way the system works is that it saves the choices given for that user, to prevent cheating by trying to hatch the same egg multiple times for different choices. So when you sell that random egg to someone else, they will receive different choices than you did, but your next random egg will have the same choices until you hatch it.


Q.]  Can I have another member in PKMNation draw a clutch for me?
A.]  At this time, clutches can ONLY be drawn by those that were part of the breeding. This means the Sender or the Participant can draw the clutch and no one else, not even as a commission.

Q.]  Am I allowed to change the color/design of a Pokemon that I bought from someone else's clutch?
A.]  It depends. If you would like the color/design of a Pokemon to be different, you MUST go to the clutch that you purchased from and ask for permission to change the color/design in the comments. It is entirely up to the owner of the clutch to decide if they will allow changes or not. If they say yes and it is just a color change, you must link the comment thread between you and the clutch owner on your newly posted reference sheet's description as proof. If they say yes and it is a design change, the clutch owner will need to redraw the Pokemon that you want to be changed before you can draw it as such on your new reference. Keep in mind that this must be done prior to drawing your Pokemon's first reference sheet and that we still need to approve of the design before the reference sheet can be accepted.

Q.]  If I breed my Fusion Pokemon with another Pokemon (possibly a Fusion as well) AND use a Fusion Syringe, will I get to pick the types?
A.]  When breeding Fusions together or using a Fusion Syringe, you will get a mix of all the types from both parents. You will only be able to have a Pokemon with up to three types and they must retain the base typing of the species (at least one type) depending on how many new types are introduced. This means that if you have a Fusion of a single species with two base types, you would need to add two new types to drop one of the base types.

For example, you have bred a Joltik to a Litwick and used a Fusion Syringe. The clutch yields normal Joltik and Litwick but you have the option of making Fusions.

Joltik is Bug/Electric. Litwick is Ghost/Fire. You can make Joltik that are Bug/Electric/Fire, Bug/Electric/Ghost. You can make Litwick that are Ghost/Fire/Electric, Ghost/Fire/Bug.

Q.]  Can Fusions end up with only one type?
A.]  No. A Fusion Pokemon must retain at least one of its original types (depending on whether it is a cross and the amount of Fusion types introduced into the species). With Fusions, there should never be a single type, as all Fusions must have at least have two. It's not the changing of types, but the addition of types.

Q.]  What happens if I breed my Crossbreed Pokemon with, or without, a DNA Stone?
A.]  For each parent that is a crossbreed Pokemon, you will get a 25% chance of obtaining Crossbreed babies in a clutch. This means that if the mother and father are both crossbreeds, each child rolled will have a 50% chance of being a crossbreed. Depending on whether or not you use crossbreed parents or normal trait parents, a DNA Stone will allow Crossbreed children to appear in the clutch or will instead further increase the chances of Crossbreed children.

You will be able to pair together any of the parent's species when creating a crossbreed child at a max of three species per child and a minimum of two. You must retain one of the base typings from each species in the cross. For instance, a Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle would HAVE to be Grass/Fire/Water type. However, if the species all share the same type, the typing would end up being the one type and whichever extra there happen to be. Such as a Charmander/Fennekin/Houndour. Its typing would be Fire/Dark.

Q.]  With Morphs, what can I change and what Morphs are there?
A.]  Morphs are normal Pokemon with changes of body shape (within reason), extensions of existing features and/or the addition of markings/patterns. Things like removing hair/fur and other similar features are also possible to a certain extent. Please note that, while you are able to add markings and remove features, you cannot remove colors. In order to remove colors you will need the shiny trait alongside Morph.

There are many types of Morph (such as hairless, striped, spotted, freckled, pied, etc). As long as the Pokemon maintains the original color palette of the base Pokemon and follows the rule above, you can add onto it.

If you are have concerns about the design you wish to do and are not sure if it falls under Morph or Shiny territory, keep in mind that altering colors of a normal Pokemon is considered Shiny. If you are still not sure, just send a review to the Egg Clinic and we will look it over for you!

In addition, please note that Albinism is no longer a Morph trait and is now considered a Shiny trait. A Pokemon with Albinism must be pure white (no color highlights or anything) and MUST have red eyes.

Q.]  When breeding together two Rarity parents, does the chance of getting a Rarity child increase?
A.]  No, it does not. If you breed one Rarity with another Pokemon or two Rarities together, the chance will always be the same. The Rarity trait is the only special trait that does not stack when Breeding.

Q.]  When breeding two of my Pokemon together, what is the highest Base Attack (BA) they can get being born from a clutch?
A.]  The highest BA that a clutch can be born with is 40. This depends on the parent Pokemon's level. In order to get the max clutch BA, you would need to breed two level 100 Pokemon together.

Q.] Am I allowed to design clutch babies (that look like/are themed after) characters from Video Games/Television Shows?
A.]  You can no longer create Pokemon (that look like/are themed after) characters anymore. You can take subtle INSPIRATION from characters but any Pokemon that looks too close to a character will be declined and you will be asked to redesign it to look less themed. Remember, this is a Pokemon group for creating unique Pokemon in the Pokemon Universe, not copies of characters from Games and Shows that aren't related to Pokemon.

Please note that while designs based on real animals, myths, and user owned characters (from non-copyrighted franchises) are still permissible, their acceptance is still at the discretion of the moderating team.

Q.]  May I draw my Pokemon with breasts?
A.]  Female Pokemon CANNOT have breasts of any shape/size unless they are a legitimate part of the original species design (Jynx for example). Pokemon do not normally have breasts, therefore they are not allowed to have breasts here just because one wants their Pokemon to have them. Please also note that, when making Jynx crosses (or any other cross that actually has a chest for that matter), the species feature cannot be just breasts. It must have other features from the species as well and it MUST be tasteful.

Q.]  I want to draw a clutch dump, how many Pokemon can I feature in one clutch 'image'?
A.]  You can have up to 16 Pokemon in each clutch image. This is equivalent to two full 8 Pokemon clutches in one image.

Q.] Can I use an OoS Item to change/alter/replace a Species/Type/Color/Patterns of a Pokémon?
A.] Yes! You may use an Oos Item on a Pokémon to alter that particular trait to something you’d prefer.

Q.] Can I make a cross out of an Eevee/Eevee? Or something of a similar line with a split evolution?
A.] Unfortunately not! Since an Eevee and other lines (such as Wurmple) share the same DNA, they are ultimately indistinguishable from each other and end up looking like a regular Eevee.


Q.]  Are we allowed to evolve a Pokemon that currently has commissions/payments being drawn of them and still claim levels for the art, even if it was uploaded after they evolved?
A.]  If a Pokemon has evolved, they no longer gain levels for any art posted of their past forms. It would be best to wait for all payments and commissions to be finished before evolving your Pokemon.

Q.]  Can I teach my Pokemon Tutor/Egg moves?
A.]  Yes you can, but in order to do so, you must use a Jumble Berry. While the Jumble Berry normally has a penalty, it does not have one when teaching a Pokemon its listed Tutor/Egg moves. As long as the moves are listed under the Pokemon's current generation list of Tutor/Egg moves, you can use a Jumble Berry to learn them with no problems.

Q.]  How does my Crossbreed learn moves?
A.]  Crossbreeds can learn moves from the Level Up, TM/HM, and Tutor/Egg move lists for all species in the Cross the same way as a singular species learns moves.

Q.]  How does my Fusion learn moves?
A.]  Fusions can learn moves from their species as well as most moves listed under their new Fusion type. Moves learned from the Fusion type can be drawn or learned via TM (if you do not want to draw). However, the moves must make sense to the Pokemon's type and design. For example, a Fairy Fusion could not learn Flower Shield unless they actually had flowers in their design, which wouldn't really be possible without being a Grass Fusion as well.

Please note that Fusions CANNOT learn Legendary specific moves.

Q.]  When my Pokemon evolves, does it automatically learn the new evolution's starter moves?
A.]  No, it does not. Your Pokemon will only know the starter moves from its first form right off the bat. All other moves (including evolution starter moves) will either have to be drawn or taught via TM/Jumble Berry.


Q.]  I have an Out-of-Stock item. Does my Pokemon need to be fully reffed in order for me to use the item on them?
A.]  Nope! As long as the Pokemon has an ID and is in your inventory, you can use Out-of-Stock items on them with no issues.

Q.]  I have an Unown and I want to change what letter/symbol it is; can I use a Form Candy to change its apperance?
A.] Unfortunately you cannot change the letter/symbol of an Unown. An Unown letter/symbol is its body and is not a changeable form. You may breed the Unown to get a different letter/symbol but it itself cannot be altered.


Q.]   If I have a three-way crossbreed and evolve each side separately with Upgrade Stones, can I claim +2 bonus Base Attack (BA) per evolution? For instance, a Charmander/Cyndaquil/Chimchar cross that I evolve to Charmeleon/Cyndaquil/Chimchar for +2 and then Charizard/Cyndaquil/Chimchar for another +2, and then rinse and repeat for the other 2 species?
A.]  Unfortunately no. You get +2 bonus BA per stage, not per evolution. Depending on how many stages of Evolution your Pokemon would have and if your Pokemon has a Mega Evolution, you could only claim a max of +6 bonus BA.

Q.]  What is the Base Attack (BA) cap? Could I buy a bunch of Power Potions and essentially have unlimited BA?
A.]  As awesome as that sounds, no you cannot. The maximum cap for BA is 80. You cannot raise your Pokemon's BA any higher than that.


Q.]  Can I transfer over a Legendary from another group using the Link Center? Moderators have them! I want one too.
A.]  Sorry, but you cannot. Moderators are given a single Legendary of their choice as a way of saying "Thank You," but in most cases they lose their Legendary once they leave the mod team.

But, there are ways for members to get a chance at winning a Rarity Legendary through special yearly events!

Q.]  How many Legendary Pokemon is a member allowed to have?
A.]  A member can only ever have one Legendary at a time. You'll never see someone with more than one Legendary in their inventory. If a member happens to have a Legendary already and somehow obtains another, they will have to pick between one or the other, giving the other up to be released (pure Legendary) or put back into the prize pool (Rarities).

There can only be one of each Pure Legendary in the group (Moderator owned Legendaries). Likewise, there can only be one Rarity version of each Legendary in the group. This means you will only see one mod with a Pure Shaymin and, if made, one member with a Rarity Shaymin.

A member will never own a Pure Legendary (unless under special circumstances). Instead, Rarity Legendaries are a way for members to be able to own a special Legendary of their own. These are obtained through special Events or Tournaments. The only downside is that if a particular Legendary is owned by a Moderator already, it is the choice of that Moderator to allow a Rarity version of their Legendary to be given as a prize.

Q.]  Are Legendaries able to breed?
A.]  No they are not. All Legendaries are sterile.

Q.]  If I obtain a Legendary, can I sell or gift it to someone else?
A.]  No. Due to the fact these are very specially earned Pokemon and the risk of members paying real money/ludicrous amounts of points for them, Legendaries can only be released back into the wild or the prize pool for events.

Q.]  Does Phione count as a Legendary since Manaphy can be bred to have one?
A.]  Phione does indeed count as a Legendary and cannot be obtained through breeding here in the group.


Q.]  I have a Kangaskhan and I would really like it to be the baby form. Is this allowed? if so, are there any drawbacks to this?
A.]  Members ARE allowed to draw their Kangaskhan as a baby. However, there are some things that need to be known when doing so. While your Kanga is a baby it must look like a Baby on your application. Your baby Kanga can be leveled and taught moves through drawing and writing, BUT as soon as you want to do anything with your Kanga outside of those things (such as Breeding, Battling, etc) you must have your Kanga grow into an adult. Once you decide that you want to have your Kangaskhan grow up, all you have to do is update your application to show it as such, otherwise it will not be allowed to do much. After a Kanga has become an adult, you cannot revert back to a baby.

Q.]  Can I draw my adult Kangashan without a baby?
A.]  Yes, you can do that. It would require a Morph trait, however, since it is removing a major part of the Pokemon's design.

Q.]  Can I make a female version of Nidoran ♂ and have it evolve into Nidoking? How about a male version of Nidoran ♀ evolving into Nidoqueen?
A.]  Yes, since the Pokemon's gender does not matter for evolution. You can pick whatever Nidoran for either Gender and then evolve it into Nidorino or Nidorina. Though, once you decide which path you want to take, you will have to continue with the evolution that follows. For example, if you decide you want your Nidoran to evolve into a Nidorina, it must evolve into a Nidoqueen. You cannot jump from Nidorino to Nidoqueen or Nidorina to Nidoking. It still must follow its path of evolution depending on which you chose in the center.

Q.]  I'm designing a Crossbreed that includes Mawile. Can I use the maw as the mouth in my Cross?
A.]  No. Since Mawile's maw is an appendage (like an arm or horn as an example) it cannot be used as the Pokemon's actual mouth/face. It can only be used in other places such as the tail or the top of the head.

Q.]  I'm designing a Crossbreed that includes Gastly. Can I have body parts of the cross float separate from the Cross?
A.]  No. Gastly is a body of gas, so if you made a Cross that had separate floating pieces, it is as if you are making your cross have multiple bodies and it doesn't make sense. Floating body parts are best used by a Pokemon that is a Ghost Fusion.

Q.] How many tails can a vulpix have? Does it require a morph trait to do less than 6?

A.] It does not require a morph trait to have less than 6 tails on a vulpix! Since canonically, vulpixes are born with 1 white tail and grow up to 6 as they age, you may have any number of tails in this range for a vulpix. Keep in mind however that your reference must be accurate to the number of tails your vulpix currently has for events that need updated references! Ninetales must have the correct number of tails unless a morph trait is applied.


Q.] I can’t access/do not use Skype. Is there any other way for me to connect with other members?
A.] Yes! On the front page is a link to our own PKMNation deviantART chatroom. While it is not as used as our Skype chat, it is much more laid back with less rules and restrictions as the Skype chat.
:note: Skype also has a web application that can be used on their site!

Q.] How do I transfer Pokémon to other members in the group? What about changing their genders? Transferring items?
A.] In your PKMNation inventory, when logged in, there will be a column of actions on the right most side of the table. There you will see two sets of arrows; the first being red/white and the second being pink/blue. The former will transfer any Pokémon/item to any member of your choosing. The latter will change the gender of the Pokémon you’ve selected. You must have a Gender Stone in your inventory in order to change any of your Pokémon’s genders. No item is needed for transfers.

Q.] What do the colors of my Pokémon’s information boxes mean? Is there anything I need to do?
A.] Depending on what settings you have for your PKMNation login, recently received Pokémon will have a differently colored box in your inventory. Grey/red means recently transferred. Blue/gold means recently added (either via egg or Clutch Corral). There is nothing that needs to be done, as the colors will go back to normal after a week has passed.

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Cecilantro Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If i drew my ditto using transform to transform into another of my ranch pokemon, who (if anyone) would get the levels?
id assume that the ditto still gets the levels but i wanna make sure :b
Lilliepup Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
In that case the levels would go to the Pokemon the Ditto is impersonating, because you're basically drawing that Pokemon, appearance-wise at least!
cocoa333 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018   General Artist
Is it possible to reuse a pokemon design that was originally unrelated? As in, I designed a fusion for a contest. But I also want to make it a pokemon in the group. Of course gaining the traits through legitimate means.

Also does minior count as a pokemon that needs a form candy?
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Yes, you can definitely do something like that if you'd like. :>  For example, I have seen some people breed for their event DYOs if they didn't win it from the event.

A form candy can change Minior's form from Core to Meteor and vice versa, but it can't change the Core Minior's colour. I hope this helps!
cocoa333 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2018   General Artist
Oh ok thanks! :>>
TruelyNeutral Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
What's the normal wait time between when a pokemon's ref is submitted, and when it's accepted? Is there any point when I should attempt to re-submit?
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
It really depends on the queue and how busy mods are. :0 Submission requests are valid for a week and will be dealt with within that time, but usually it doesn't take that long! c: I'd say the "normal" wait time can be anything between 1 hour to three days?
TruelyNeutral Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Ahh, alright! I've only been waiting around 12 hours, so I guess I'm still on the low end. Sorry if I seemed rude, I'm just really excited >w<
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
It's cool! The queue is currently a little longer than usual (due to all the new members, haha!), which is why it may take a while. :>
TruelyNeutral Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Yeah, I figured! Good luck to you and the rest of the crew with managing the inflated queue, new members can definitely make things a bit chaotic, I know from experience!
saladkink Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
hi! just wondering, does a smeargle's paint need to be the default green from official art/sprites if it doesn't have any traits, or can it be any color?
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
A basic Smeargle's tail paint can be any colour! :>
saladkink Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018
awesome, ty!
Story--Story Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Can Sableye have different types of gems or only what they canonly have? [Like purple amethyst eyes instead of white]
Lunarmorte Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Sableye must have the same shape of canon gem eyes, but they can be any color due to the fact they are their eyes. 
KaelDokar Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Since I have rejoined... Do I have to re-submit all the art I did to keep the levels?
Rosbelle Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hey Kael!

Everyday levels (below 60) and old mission submissions don't need to be resubmitted if you don't want to go through the hassle~
Mass levels, move learning's, and refs will need to be resubmitted to count. :>
KaelDokar Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you! I'll redo the ref so they'll gain more levels like that, if it is okay? A 2.0 submission that I would submit only that one?
Rosbelle Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Yup, that's perfectly fine!
KaelDokar Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Yes! Thank you!
EurekaTrollcat Featured By Owner Edited Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
So, regarding Fusions always having at least two types. I don't know if this has been asked before, but what happens if a fusion is between two Pokemon that each have the same, singular type? For instance, would an Audino/Patrat fusion have only Normal type? Or would it count as a crossbreed and not a fusion?
DrakAlGhul Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

I think you are confusing crosses and fusions. A cross is a combination of two pokemon species, the requirement there, is that at least one type from each original species needs to be part of the cross. A fusion is when an additional type is inherited from a parent or added via an item that is not normally part of that species, such as a Jigglypuff with Normal/Fire typing. So an Audino/Patrat would be a cross and only have the normal typing; for it to be a fusion, it would have to have an additional type.

EurekaTrollcat Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that makes sense.
Shian-selene Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I have a tendency to always use the same OC for anything RP related. 

If I'm using her for another RP group, would I still be able to use her for this one? Or do I need to create an entirely new character for this specific group?
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You're talking about a trainer OC, right? It's fine to reuse an OC, as long as she's a human in this particular setting. :>
Shian-selene Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yep, human OC trainer. 

Good to know! I just wanted to be sure, since it's not the first time I've had problems with using the same OC for different groups ^^U
tarje Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry if this has already been answered somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it! (If it has, I would appreciate if I could be pointed in the right direction! :))

I just obtained a Minior from the November Trail, and I'm wondering what form it can be in! Does it have to be in a particular form as a starting point, and I would have to use a Form Candy to change it to the other form if I wanted to? If I wanted it to be Core form, would I be able to choose the colour? (As long as it's one of the standard Minior colours, so it doesn't need a Shiny trait.) If I wanted it to be in Meteor form, would I be allowed to put a small crack in it to show the inside colour, or would that require a Morph trait?

I guess the more general question would be, when obtaining a Pokemon that can have different forms from a trail or from an egg from the Delibird Market, can you choose which form it is?

Thank you! :)
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You can choose whatever form/colour for the Minior! c: As long as it's one of the non-shiny-colours, of course. You can switch between the core form and the meteor form using form candies, but once you've picked a colour there's no way to change it (unless you make the Minior shiny with a prism scale), so pick carefully!

A crack on the meteor form would most likely require a morph trait. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can ask about it at the Egg Clinic, as that is the only "official" place for design-related questions.
tarje Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your help, much appreciated! :D
I'll confirm with the Egg Clinic about that crack~ in the mean time, meteor form it is! Thanks again! :heart:
PapaiaKiwi Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Student
How do I rejoin? My account says non-member and now that I have time for ARPGs I would like to reactivate my account.
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You can re-join during our group openings just like a new member. Once you re-join, you will get all your Pokemon and items back.

Since our last opening ended just a few days ago, I'd say it's going to be a few months until our next one.
Princess-Austin Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! So, I'm no longer an active member, but I'd like to transfer my mons to another user, how would I go about doing that? Do I need to reactivate my membership? I do not plan on becoming super active, I just don't really have the time and feel bad for having all these mons just sitting in my inventory lol
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yes, you have to re-join the group during one of our openings if you wish to transfer your Pokemon to another user. We just had an opening and the next one hasn't been announced yet, but we know for sure that it won't be until early next year. Be sure to keep an eye out for our info journals! c:
grasssnake485 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Do pokemon OC's have to be part of a dA group to be imported? My friend and I have designed a bunch of characters for an RP (off-site forum RP, I'm the host) and he would like to bring some of his designs with him in when he joins. 
Lilliepup Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Yes, I'm afraid the Pokemon do have to be part of a dA group similar to PKMNation to be imported. If you want to bring designs from other places, like a forum RPG for example, the only way to do it is to either breed for them, or hatch the desired Pokemon from a specific egg (and add OOS items if the design requires them). :> Hope this helps!
GoldenFlamey Featured By Owner Edited Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you alowed to sell/trade undesigned mons? I have a shiny drowzee right now and I want to trade it for something else, but i'm unsure if I can do that unless i design it first. Also is there any specific journal to put up pokemon for trade?
Sorry if this has been asked already! ;v;'
DevilsRealm Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017
You're fine <3 But you can totally sell any undesigned pokemon c: As long as those pokes don't already have an original design. ^^
We don't really have a journal for trading, but you're free to go to our discord chat and advertise it there or the front page :) Most people make a sales journal for their ranch and list out the things for sale. 
GoldenFlamey Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah okay! ^v^ Thank you for the quick reply! <3
RosyKat Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
Once a member becomes a non-member is there any way to get the Pokemon they may have had back into the group or are they just gone?
FabledFauna Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even if they are a non-member, the Pokemon in their inventory still belong to them, so if they choose not to rejoin the Pokemon just stay in their deactivated inventory.
If they rejoin, they'll still have the Pokemon that were in their inventory!
RosyKat Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017
Alright, thanks!
spiritumiracle Featured By Owner Edited Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... I have a guestion what will happen to the clutch pokemon if they got deleted or lost what will happen? 

I was thinking that to go to the inventory issues area and ask what pokemon depending what type ' speices ' gender trait and so on. But i wasn't sure if that was correct. 
Phony-Prince Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017
What happened to the transfer buttons on the website?
FabledFauna Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're currently a non-member, as you were removed because you missed the activity check last month!

You're welcome to try to rejoin during out current opening, we're open until the 7th at 11:59PM EST!
Phony-Prince Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2017
So all the mons I have will be sitting in my inventory unless I rejoin? I'm sorry, but I really don't want to, but I need these mons to go to good homes. I am leaving and reselling my old mons because I have had little to no time to draw them, and I've been falling out of the group. Is there any other way I can get rid of these mons without joining?
FabledFauna Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unfortunately, rejoining is the only way, as you need to be a member to transfer Pokemon. 
Phony-Prince Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2017
Alright. Thanks for your help!
kaghoul Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017
Would it be alright for two people to share an account and use the shared account in the group?
Rosbelle Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hey there Kag!

That's something that's allowed! As long as you don't have two separate accounts that are both in the group, you're good to go. We've had others in the past share accounts for the group. :>
kaghoul Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017
Awesome, thank you for the quick response!
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